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Dr. Harry Moore

Dr. Harry Moore, Regional Director of NCCJ from 1976-1992 passed away Feb. 3, 2015, He led NCCJ and helped establish the organization and expanded its reach and importance, establishing Anytown (now Freeland) youth camp and Congregations United (Black and white Churches working together). He was also supportive of the change from NCCJ to Diversity Memphis in 2005. He will be missed by many and remained devoted to working to bring all people together. A memorial service will be held at 4 p.m. Feb. 19 at New Sardis Baptist Church, 7739 E. Holmes in Germantown, where he was a member. For more information you can visit


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Our Mission

Established in 2005, Diversity Memphis is a human relations organization dedicated to bringing people together regardless of their cultural, religious or racial differences. Diversity Memphis promotes tolerance and respect for all with the hope that greater understanding and acceptance of one another will make each of us stronger and lead our city to be a better place for everyone.

What We Do

Through summer camps for teens, adult workshops, walks, cultural festivals, multi-faith dialogues and other programs we teach tolerance and promote the concept that our cultural, religious and racial differences are to be embraced.

Who We Are

Our founding members are a group of individuals committed to fighting bias while striving to build a more tolerant Memphis. They represent over 4 decades of service to the Memphis Community working with organizations dedicated to combatting bias, bigotry and racism.

Join Us!

You can join Diversity Memphis by clicking on the Contact Us tab and filling out the form that appears. We will send you information on how you can support Diversity Memphis as it grows.

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Diversity Memphis Humanitarian Awards

Diversity Memphis Awards


Laura Adams
Jim Allen
Msgr. John R. Batson*
Leo & Joy Bearman
Jack A. Belz
Jennifer Burgess
Church Health Center
Church of the Holy Spirit
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
Walter Crews
Dorothy Crook
Charles M. Crump
Rabbi Harry Danziger
Fred L. Davis
Dr. George & Suzanne Elder
Elvis Presley Enterprises
Lee & Amy Filderman
Sonya & Jimmy Fleck
Avron Fogelman
Hal Fogelman
James & Lucia Gilliland
Rabbi Micah Greenstein
Jamie Griffin
Sue Ellen Haaga
Carolyn Head
Terry Hendrix
Hypnotize Minds
Laura Fox Ingram
James Jalenak
Jack & Audrey Joffre
Dr. Fred Johnson
Nina Katz
Dr. Jaswant Khanna
Dr. Brian Kiel
S L Kopald, Jr.
Scot & Barbara Lansky
Thomas Lawrence
Michael Less
Sandy Lewis
William J. Logue
Arthur B. "Tim" Malkin, Jr.
Lee H. Malkin
Malkin Management & Investment Co.,Inc.
Sylvia Marks
E. Keenon McCloy
Dr. Mary McDonald
Jim McMahon
Denice McMahon
James C. McWillie
Dr. Mohammed Moinuddin
Frank Murtaugh
Priya Rao
Dr. Edward Reed
J. Martin Regan
Lester Rosen*
Perveen Rustomfram
Cynthia Sakaan
Tom Lewis & Cathy Schanzer
Charles A. Scruggs, Sr.
Mark Stansbury
Cris Stovall
Rev. Joseph L. Tagg, III
Dr. Alan & Laura Tanenbaum
Marla Taner
Marcos Velez-Duran
Harish Vishria
Dr. Jane Walters
Mayor A C Wharton, Jr.
Bert Wolff
Warren Wurzburg


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